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Holy Royal Arch Chapter of St.Aubyn (No.954)

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St. Aubyn Chapter :   Becoming a Royal Arch Mason

It is strongly recommended that any Master Mason contemplating joining the Royal Arch, first refers to our What is Royal Arch? page.


In the Book of Constitutions given to every Craft Mason under the English Constitution it states by way of a Preliminary Declaration that, on the Act of Union between the two Grand Lodges in December 1813:

"Pure Ancient Masonry consists of three degrees and no more, ie: those of:-

the Entered Apprentice,

the Fellow Craft,

and the Master Mason, including  the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch."

In 2007, UGLE declared:

"The Order of the Holy Royal Arch is an integral part of Pure Ancient Masonry, being the completion of Craft Masonry, and the essential next step in Freemasonry for all  Master Masons."

Supreme Grand Chapter states:

"The Royal Arch is the culmination of 'pure ancient masonry' ".

megs_simonrowe On the website of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Devonshire, our
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent,
E. Comp. Simon Rowe
, informs us:

"The Holy Royal Arch Degree enlightens and teaches the practice of virtues incorporated in the Craft, for as a Master Mason he only possesses a worldly aspect of Freemasonry, through 'Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth', but will now be invited to consider a Spiritual context of this code of conduct in life. This completes the Masonic Journey and he now achieves the summit and perfection of Ancient Masonry, which in our Ritual is denominated, the 'Essence of Freemasonry'.

The Companionship and Teaching of the Holy Royal Arch will enable you to find an even happier and deeper relationship with your fellow man, and importantly, with your God. I hope this message will inspire a greater perception of the values of Royal Arch Masonry."

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The following extracts are taken from the Provincial Grand Chapter of East Lancs. :

Why Should Craft Freemasons Join the Royal Arch?

Pure antient Freemasonry, which is composed of Craft masonry and Royal Arch masonry, presents the inquiring mind with an inspirational framework for life. Through the lessons presented in the Craft ceremonies, a Freemason is called upon to improve his relationship with his fellows and to practice the three great principles upon which the Craft is founded; brotherly love, relief and truth.

The Royal Arch takes matters further and can be seen to be the superstructure that makes all that has been presented complete and perfect. The ceremony in the Royal Arch is colourful, thought provoking and uplifting. It is based upon the Old Testament legend of the rebuilding of the Temple and invokes, simultaneously, sensations of humility and our dependence on our unseen creator.

The Royal Arch makes good the promise of 'recovery' when what is lost in the Third Degree of Craft Masonry is revealed in a fascinating ceremony. Progress through the Royal Arch completes an individual's journey through pure antient Freemasonry.

Craft Masons are, therefore, actively encouraged to become members of the Royal Arch in order to further develop and enrich their understanding of Freemasonry. Indeed the RW ProvGM encourages Master Masons to join the Royal Arch only when they are ready to do so but before joining any other Masonic Order.

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st.aubyn chapter 954 logo For a Freemason to take only the three Craft degrees, and not join the Holy Royal Arch, means his Freemasonry might be compared with the experience of the man who goes to the theatre and leaves half way through the final act. Although he can say he has been to the theatre he can't tell you how the play ends: the same can be considered true for a Master Mason who does not join the Holy Royal Arch!

st.aubyn chapter 954 logo There are many additional different degrees / orders supplementary to Craft Freemasonry (but Holy Royal Arch is the only  true progression, or culmination, of Craft Freemasonry). The other different degrees / orders are all worth-while organisations, but "Chapter", or the Holy Royal Arch, is universally and correctly known and accepted as:

"The Supreme Degree" !

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Companion's Regalia HRA Jewel Detail


Membership is open to Freemasons of all faiths.

Qualifications for membership are that the candidate must have been regularly initiated, passed and raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason in a just and duly constituted Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons properly affiliated to the United Grand Lodge of England, and he must have been a Master Mason for four weeks or upwards. He must also be currently a member of a just and duly constituted craft lodge affiliated to the UGLE.

He must be regularly proposed, seconded, and successfully balloted for by members of the Chapter he seeks to join.

st.aubyn chapter 954 logo Each Craft Lodge should have a Holy Royal Arch Liaison Officer whose name usually appears on the Lodge summons. Ask him for more information and he will be only too pleased to assist you.

All Royal Arch Masons wear their Holy Royal Arch Jewel when in a craft lodge: any should be able to help you.

If you require any further information from us, please see our Contact Details page. Our Chapter Mentor, Scribe E., or indeed any of our companions listed there, will be pleased to help as much as they can.

To contact the Provincial Grand Chapter of Devonshire, or the Supreme Grand Chapter of England, please see our Links page.

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